Your Tail-Wagger is

Positive Reinforcement methods only
Fun, one on one, professional in-home sessions
Guaratnteed results with years of expereience

Service dog training

Professional Service / Therapeutic dog Training (includes official certificate) Tailored special sessions (minimum 20)

Puppy Training

Crafted for puppies 10 weeks to 8 months old.
Your puppy will learn:​ basics like sit, come & stay, House behavior Socialization with people & more

Advanced training

Aggression Control Custom commands and tricks Separation Anxiety Other unwanted behaviors For dogs all ages.

Hello, We Are White Wolf!

We train through positive reinforcement only.

Thank you for taking the time to know us.
We are a team of Dog trainers who has years of experience working with dozens of dogs.
​We spent several years working as assistant dog trainers and have been lucky to learn from some of the best in the dog training industry. All trainers have always had dogs in their lives and found great joy in the relationships with them. Our passion for the training of dogs and our love for them has made every one of us a better and successful trainer.
We have developed a dog training program that works perfectly, whether you are looking train your dog on obedience, aggression, service dogs, puppies and more, then you’ve come to the right place.
​One of our greatest goals in life is to see dogs get healthier through better loving connection with their families.
So, take the first step towards having a well-trained dog today and let’s get started.


Happy Dogs


Happy Owners


Happy Trainers